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WHAT & WHO? Allied Health Pathways (AHP) is designed to “close the gaps” by increasing the number of African American and Hispanic males who become licensed physical therapists. AHP is an innovative health-related professional network among Tarrant County College District (TCCD), North Lake, Ranger, and Weatherford colleges, University of North Texas, BS - Kinesiology program - Allied Health Track (UNT), University of North Texas Health Science Center, Department of Physical Therapy (UNTHSC), TruCare Solutions. The AHP network is unique in the following ways: an articulated student pipeline approach; students receive Spanish health-related language training, professional socialization; academic interventions; an “Early Admissions Success Model;” and vertical alignment of academic courses by faculty.

WHY & HOW? The numbers of Hispanic and African American males who are licensed physical therapists are underrepresented in the profession. According to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy (2011) they are less than 1%. This same report indicated 99.6% of the graduates were employed six months after graduation. AHP strategies will recruit and introduce minority male students to physical therapy while completing general education courses. The two-year college male cohort will meet monthly with student peer mentors from UNT and UNTHSC department of physical therapy, along with TruCare allied health professionals, to explore the physical therapy and related professions and develop professional/career socialization skills. Students will receive intentional academic interventions related to career guidance, academic success, and retention. AHP students will become proficient in conversational/healthcare Spanish. Two year college, UNT, and UNTHSC faculty will create vertical alignment efforts in academic areas such as anatomy/physiology, chemistry, physics, and kinesiology to maximize articulation agreements and students’ success. Vertical alignment efforts will inform success predictors; align course expectations, content, and pedagogy; and workforce readiness skills. AHP participants will experience field trips and experiential learning at UNTHSC PT clinics and distance learning lectures and labs. An “Early Admission Success Model” for exceptional students will include: 1) early UNT admissions; 2) McNair Scholars Program to prepare underrepresented students for doctoral programs; and 3) admissions to the DPT program without a BS degree. A reverse articulation agreement will be created for time-efficient and cost-effective pathways for AHP students. All AHP partners will have access to a student data dashboard system to monitor academic and admission milestones leading to degree completion.

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